From artistic vision to creation, this is what has been done with each collection. Quentin’s love of art derived from his artistic family, with his father being an artist himself, his grandfather a portrait photographer and his Uncle a cartoonist; Quentin was emerged in the world of art from an early age.  As a child, Quentin strongly connected with his fathers unique landscape art, specifically focusing on using oil paint on canvas and in turn, he found a passion creating his own works with medium similar to that of his late father. 


Through his natural abilities, genes and knowledge through his studies in outstanding education establishments, Quentin has become a multi-faceted individual who truly believes that traditional forms art, design and photography can truly change a person’s perspective in life.  Quentin strives to encourage and educate individuals on visualising photography and art on an individual level and really believes that each person’s interpretation brings a new exciting element to each project. Our cushion designs are all produced in the UAE.  


All images and designs are owned by QD Creative FZE & are not to be copied or used in any form.  Copying any content from this website will be theft of Intellectual Property.​

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